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Best Las Vegas Japanese Restaurant

Do you know what makes Japanese cuisine unique? Japanese chefs are not only concerned about the taste of the food they make they are also very meticulous about the preparation and the presentation of their dishes. It’s quite fascinating how Japanese chefs are able to showcase their unique culture through the taste and the look of their dishes. If you are looking for authentic Japanese cuisine you don’t have to fly to Japan in order to taste fresh sushi and delectable unagi rolls because we, at 172 Live Music, have all your favorite Japanese dishes on our menu.

172 Live Music is located inside the plush Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino. You’re probably wondering why it’s called 172 Live Music and yet we serve Japanese food. Well, here’s a backstory of how we got the name 172 Live Music. In a tiny island of Krakatoa 136 years ago, the island experienced a massive volcanic explosion and it was by far the loudest in history. The eruption was recorded at 172 decibels and that’s where we got our inspiration from and ended up naming the venue 172 Live Music since we also offer live music at night. We feature both local and national bands to serenade you as you enjoy fine food and refreshing cocktails.

Think about it, you get to move and groove to your favorite beat in a relaxing and intimate ambiance and enjoy amazing food at the same time. 172 Live Music caters to both food and music aficionados. If you plan to experience a once-in-a-lifetime Las Vegas adventure, we recommend that you call us ahead of time for a reservation. We are open every Wednesday at five in the afternoon until twelve midnight and on Thursdays and Fridays from five in the afternoon until two in the morning and on Saturdays from five in the afternoon until two in the morning and on Sundays from five in the afternoon until one in the morning.

Our menu includes specialty nigiri like uni, tuna, yellowtail, salmon, scallop, unagi, ama-ebi or sweet shrimp, and albacore, shrimp, sea bass and salmon roe. We also offer our delectable hand rolls including California hand rolls, salmon, spicy tuna, and yellowtail scallion. We also offer specialty rolls like lobster, rock shrimp tempura, tuna truffle, yellowtail, salmon, rainbow roll, spicy tuna roll, yellowtail scallion and California roll.

If you’re not that hungry and you just want to grab a light snack and enjoy bottles of beer we also have a small plates menu that offers root chips, edamame, spicy tuna jalape, shishito peppers, pork wings, duck wings, salt and pepper squid, crispy rice, braised brisket gyoza, and rock shrimp tempura. We also have sweet soy chicken skewers, spicy garlic soy beef skewers and kimchi pureed tuna bao buns. Our specialty dishes include salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi and yellowtail sashimi.

What people love about our menu is that it’s very broad. We offer a wide selection of dishes so if you are going to visit us and you’re a part of a big group, you can be confident that we have something they will surely like. Our seafood selection includes oven-roasted branzino, pan seared salmon, Chilean sea bass, and lobster risotto. We also have seasonal greens, maitake risotto, roasted vegetables, pork ribs, frenched chicken breast, and beef short ribs.

Our drinks include red wine (pinot noir, merlot, cabernet sauvignon), white wine (pinot grigio, chardonnay, rose, sauvignon blanc and Riesling). We have sakes, martinis, shots and cocktails. Whatever drink you fancy, we have them all. Come solo or in a group and enjoy complete entertainment at 172 Live Music. Complete your Las Vegas trip by dropping by so you can understand why we’re so popular in the music and food industry.

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